this is now all i have left to my name
actually less than this
i owe gooey a lot


this is now all i have left to my name

actually less than this

i owe gooey a lot


I might edit more TOS into this occasionally.

Rules and such:

+ I accept Paypal only!

+ You can add up to 4 characters in each picture, but it will be half of the price of the style used added on per character. Example: Fullbody chibi sketch with two characters: $8 + $4, so $12 total. Things like a character casting magic or weapons/toys/etc won’t add charges.

+ Every drawing will have some sort of basic patterned background that will vary per drawing. If you want something specific, please make sure to tell me in your order! Scenic backgrounds may add charges.

+ I will draw animals, anthros, and humanoids of any gender.

+ You can message/submit a note to me here, or message me for my email where you can send your information!

Please feel free to ask my anything about commissions!
I’ll be glad to help and clear anything up if there’s an issue.

THANKS GUYS You can always check out my commission status HERE!


Before the queen can do anything, you feel yourself being pulled away from the court.


Haloe looked around wildly as she was pulled away from the suspenseful scene. What just happened? Where was she? What was in that food?

The man that pulled her away had a tattoo of a lizard on his cheek. He seemed concerned and rubbed his chest with his fist. What was that supposed to mean? It seemed apologetic. Haloe gave him a small smile in understanding and curtsied to him as he bowed.

He handed her a small doll with pink hair and returned to his business, revealing the exit back to the beach. These were really cute dolls she had collected today, she’d put them on her bedside windowsill next to her flower pot. They’d look nice there.

Haloe put the doll in the bowl of the trophy she somehow won from the surfing contest next to her other 3 dolls and made her way to the beach. Things seemed a lot calmer now that she was out of that ‘wonderland’. Perhaps the effect from that food has worn off. She took a deep breath of salty sea air and smiled, ready to join the bonfire. The second she stepped onto the sand, however..


WHAT- HUH? All four of her dolls rattled around and flew into the air and exploded into a million colors. Did the food’s effects not wear off? “WHAA…” Haloe yelled out as she watched her dolls scatter around her. Her wails were not very audible, however, over the constant booming of the fireworks. Wow. Wow. All that and she didn’t get to keep her dolls? What about her trophy? It’s so charred, now!

Haloe whimpered and slumped her way towards the bonfire. On one side of the fire there was a small fight between a dude with large wings and a small girl, while on the other side the angry elf twins seemed to have gotten into a spat with Thigh (That WAS his name, right?).

Why did this always seem to happen

Haloe walked over to the fire and threw her trophy on the ground and plopped next to it. She missed her dolls. This was bobo.

At least the fire was nice.


Yaaaaay :’) Finally Grandmaster Cleric!



Yaaaaay :’) Finally Grandmaster Cleric!






it ok i come back


Just so everyone knows in case they didn’t get the memo, my tablet has finally gone kaput- I’m looking into buying a new one in the store tomorrow so hopefully i won’t be delayed too much longer ;__;


I uh well

I was drawing this cutesy thing for our inactive ask blog but I think my tablet has finally died so I just went ahead and finished it with my mouse

YEAH HAPPY BIRTHDAY US we aren’t neglecting this blog no not at all


Ew. Ew. Now what the heck is THAT?


You reach a clearing in the forest, where a dragon-like monster seems to be resting. Near its mouth are a few crumbs.


No. No. Haloe will not touch that thing with a 10 foot pole. Its hair, its slime, its drool and crumbs. It smelled. It smelled like a rotten mushroom. Brush your teeth. Clean up your act.

Haloe immediately shimmied herself around the giant revolting creature. Sleeping in the middle of the woods, who does that? What would its mother say? Shame.

Who Stole the Tarts?

As you continue, you find yourself in a courtroom of sorts, the child you met earlier as a caterpillar being the judge. The accused seems to look almost the same, though with a different hair colour.

"Knave of hearts!" The judge called out, seemingly ignoring your presence.

"Me! That’s me! And you’re the queen of hearts, right?"

"Yeah! I think so. Anyways! You stole the tarts!"

"No I didn’t! It wasn’t me!"

"That’s what I was told!" The queen retorted, though neither seemed convincing at acting. "It says so! Uhh… Here!

The Knave of Hearts
He stole those tarts,
And took them clean away.”

"But it wasn’t me!" The knave sounded panicked, though their face said absolutely nothing. The queen’s face didn’t say much either.

"You have no evidence! Off with your head!"

The knave faces you, though they don’t seem to be looking at you.

"Hey! Can you help me? I really didn’t steal the tarts!"


No, She couldn’t help. What evidence could she possibly have? Why were these tarts so important? Were they gold-coated? Just get another one. Haloe didn’t like conflict. She didn’t like-


The knave’s head fell to the ground.

"Next is… Uhh… Oh! The trial of… the person who didn’t follow instructions!

The queen’s head turned to face you.


"Off with your head!"


The Garden of Live Flowers

Continuing through the event, the surroundings seem to change from the beach-like area of the festival into a forest of sorts. The smell of the ocean is ever present, however.

After a while, you come across a flower garden in which two large flowers are present. Music is playing from an unknown source, and the two are singing with each other.



Their voices are the same as the ones at the tea party, though their singing is somewhat off tune. As the large flower near the pansies leans towards you, it seems to be urging you on.

"This is where you sing, this is where you sing! It’s okay, we won’t make fun of you! If you don’t know the words, just make them up! But you have to sing!"



So Haloe sang. She sang rather loudly and slurred her words, but she sang anyways. She wasn’t exactly sure why. What were with these flowers? Flowers don’t speak. The closest thing she’s ever seen to a speaking flower is that man with the purple hair. What was his name again? Thigh? What kind of a name is that?

After you finish singing, the flowers start to giggle.

"You’re good at singing!"

"Yeah! Yeah! Super good!"

"Here, have a present!"

Their voices contain a hint of sarcasm, but at their last sentence, a leaf falls on you. A hole is in its center.

"It’ll be useful!"

"Yeah, super useful!"

"You’ll see, you’ll see! Bye then!"

They continue singing, though this time it consists of nursery rhymes and other childish songs. It seems they’ve all but forgotten about your presence.

Haloe immediately put her leaf on her head. What a great accessory!! It was so lush and beautiful and green. The hole was a great feature. It allowed much breathing room.


Continuing down the path, a child bumps into you, whose eyes seem to emit a greenish light.

"Hey, you! I’m hungry!"

Their voice matches the one at the tea party and the flowers.

"I’m a caterpillar! … I think. So I eat leaves or something… You came from the flower garden, right? Did you find a leaf there? It’s yummy, so I want to eat it! Do you have one?"


..What? But Haloe just got this leaf. Why would she give it to this little bug kid? Bug? Buggy? What ever happened to him? He flipped me in the air and disappeared. That’s, what happened. She hasn’t seen him in a while, maybe that whole scene upset him. Maybe she’d send him a nice holiday ham.

Haloe looked at the kid in front of her. Why was he glowing? What did he want again? Oh yeah, the leaf. No! This is MY leaf! MINE. BACK OFF.

Haloe shook her head violently at the kid. “No, sorry, I have no leaf. What leaf are you referring to? There’s lots of leaves behind me, go look for some. Good luck to you on your endeavors.”

"No, huh? I guess I’ll find it on my own or something!"

The kid wanders off a bit, walking into a few trees. After a few seconds, it turns around and faces your general direction.

"There’s a monster up ahead, by the way. The… Uh… Jabber… wocky… Or something like that. I doubt you can beat it, though. Good luck!"

Soon, the child is out of sight, though you can hear a faint recital of a poem.

"One, two! One, two! and through and through,
The vorpal sword went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head,
He went galumphing back!”

Haloe didn’t appreciate his song and continued forward.

Well it’s better than a gem at least.

Well it’s better than a gem at least.